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Shepherds Life Mortgage Protection

Shepherds Life Mortgage Protection pays equal to 150% of the monthly mortgage payments if an accident or sickness means you are off work. If a sickness or accident prevented you from functioning, any sick pay you get might only cover you for a short period, whilst the mortgage and other associated household bills might go on mounting up.

Shepherds Life Mortgage Protection gives you the choice of cover for just only your monthly mortgage expenses or an improved level of cover of equal to 150% of the monthly mortgage right through its term - exact up to a max of £2000 per month - and every payments ready are free of tax.

What the Plan has to offer?

Select the level of cover and advantages will be paid through the term of your mortgage security can cost from as small as 68p apiece £100 of cover. The premiums are stand on the level of benefit you require and the waiting stage you select - from a minimum advantage of £200 per month right up to a max of £2000.

You have the choice of selecting a level of monthly advantage that meets just only your mortgage payments or to comprise your other family bills as well (e.g. household insurance, utility bills, etc) up to a max of 150% of your usual monthly mortgage level.

You may decide how long a coming up time there must be from the date while you had an accident or became ill to the date while you get your first illness benefit e.g. 4 weeks and 8 weeks up to the 52 weeks or more. The longer the coming up time, the lesser the monthly premium you will recompense.

Protecting Your Mortgage

Life Mortgage protection cover is generally an insurance taken out for the fixed term, and is occasionally called security only insurance.

Important things to consider

  • If you discontinue paying your premiums under the plan your Plan will stop.
  • If you give information that is intentionally false the Plan will be unacceptable.
  • Benefits received from this Plan might affect your prerogative to any other advantages.
  • All references to the taxation are to United Kingdom taxation and are stand on Shepherds Friendly Society's perceptive of current legislation and Customs practice and HM Revenue which might change in future. Please make sure that you read the complete Terms and Conditions of this great plan that are existing from your financial counselor or by contacting with the organization directly.

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