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Northern Rock Mortgage Insurance

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Northern Rock Mortgage Insurance

Northern Rock Mortgage Insurance provides option regarding mortgage products which offer convenient solutions to the wide variety of requirements for first time buyer, those looking to remortgage and today’s homebuyer.

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Northern Rock Mortgage Insurance renders extra mortgage loans to existing customers in the form of consolidation or other personal expenses and further secured loans in the name of Homeowner loans for home renovation.

About Northern Rock Mortgage Insurance Quotes

Northern Rock is a one such bank in Britain which is best known for becoming bankrupt in 150 years after it had to approach the bank of England regarding credit crisis in 2007, replacement of money market funding and loan facility. The bank came under the ownership of public way back in 2008 after the bank failed to provide commercial buyers. The bank is situated at the Regent Centre in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom. The bank latter named as Northern Rock Building Society was formed in the year 1965 but its active year started from 1997 to date. Prior to the 2007 credit crisis, the bank made it clear and started concentrating on forming the staff of its own. Appointment for Chief Executing Officer was done internally. This date the total number of employees which the bank appoints is near to 4500. Outside UK, the bank has a sub-division in Guernsey which was established long back in the year 1996. Another branch for this bank was opened in Ireland on 16th November 1999 followed by Northern Ireland on 4th April 2007 and Denmark on 7th February 2007.

Policies Provided

The numbers of policies offered by the bank are as follows:

  • Northern Rock Flexible Mortgage – which provides flexibility in terms of Underpayment option, annual payment option, overpayment option and borrow back option.
  • Northern Rock Lifetime Mortgages – also referred to as Reverse Mortgage, offers loans to people above 60 to meet their expenses while at home.
  • Northern Rock Buy to Let Mortgages – Provides rental home loans to the qualified borrowers.
  • Northern Rock Fixed rate and Variable rate Mortgage – the policy allow its customers to opt for fixed rate in order to avoid the uncertain variable rates on homeownership.

Review of Northern Rock Mortgage Insurance

The Northern Rock Mortgage Insurance policy offers wide range of Mortgages, insurance products and savings. Rating of this policy is 1.4/5. Policy’s main goal is to provide it’s customer with flexible interest rate and convenient competitive fees on homeownership. Getting to know about northern rock mortgage insurance quotes was so easy. One can get access to almost every review and comments posted by other insurers & even post your own valuable view with utmost ease at review

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