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Friends Life and Pensions Limited Mortgage Insurance Quotes

Mortgage insurance policies have one straightforward aim. This is to assist you pay off an unpaid mortgage payment during the term of the policy in the occasion of unexpected death. Consequently, your family will have a secure home at this difficult time. They will have at least one thing to worry about. You can do it in a better way if you choose a Mortgage Insurance policy of Friends Life and Pensions Limited.

Friends Life and Pensions Limited are the leading returner of your Pension. It provides you various schemes which will give you an opportunity to choose which plan will be better for you. They are flexible, so you can fix it according to your requirements and increase your cover if there any change happens to your lifestyle (conditions apply here). They are client-friendly and trustworthy. Consequently, you can you choose the amount and length of cover. In addition, a Joint cover option is available for you and your partner.

It’s quick and easy to apply for the Mortgage Insurance policy of Friends Life and Pensions Limited. However, check it first whether you have followings in your hand:

  • Your personal details
  • Your bank or building society details
  • Your doctor’s name, address and telephone number
  • Whether you are a smoker or not, and if yes, whether you've been treated by a doctor, or agreed to see one in the last 12 months
  • If you’re applying for a joint policy, your partner must be present

The final division of the form is related to the policy itself. It will make query whether you require cover for any accidental incident, illness and joblessness, just accident and sickness, or just unemployment. Additionally, you'll be inquired

  • how much your monthly mortgage payments are,
  • whether you want to cover 100% of the payments or 125% (mortgage and bills allowance),
  • the title of the supplier, and
  • Whether it's an existing mortgage, a re-mortgage, or one for a newly purchased property.

After that, a table will be presented with the information of the cover options with the name of the insurer, the length of time a person would have to pause after he stops working to the first payment (between one and 90 days), the maximum benefit period (between six and 24 months) and the monthly premium. Anyone can see the main attributes of each product and, if he likes it, there's the option to either request a call back or to go ahead and purchase online.

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