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Federal Insurance Company Mortgage Insurance Quotes

Federal Insurance Company is one of the oldest and leading insurance companies in the UK. It has large number of clients in its list and also having number of different insurance coverage for different age group of insurer. There are also private mortgage facilities. Private mortgage insurance is typically required when down payment is below 20%. Rates can range from 0.5% to 6% of the principal of the loan per year based upon the loan factors and the age of insurer at the time of application.

The premium can also be different based on the type of policy like it can be yearly, monthly, quarterly and so on. The premium amount will be less if the insurance policy is taken at an early stage.

Borrower-paid private mortgage insurance (BPMI)

Traditional mortgage insurance is a default mortgage insurance provided by the company giving loans to borrower. Insurance companies give cover to the borrower of loan in return of the policy. BPMI allow borrower to get mortgage insurance without having to pay 20% down payment, by covering the lender for the high landed risk. The insurance company can also provide mortgage if there is any uncertainty if the borrower is not able to pay its monthly installments for some period of loan then the insurance company will bear such cost if he has paid regular premiums.

There is a growing trend about BPMI to be used with the Fannie Mae 3% down payment program. In some case lender is giving borrower a credit to cover the cost of BPMI.

Lender–paid private mortgage insurance (LPMI)

LPMI is same like BPMI except here it is paid by the lender and often borrower is unaware of it. LPMI is usually a feature of loan that claims not to require mortgage insurance for long-term loans. The risk is again on lender.

As with other insurance, an insurance policy is a part of the insurance transaction. In mortgage insurance policy the master policy is issued to the bank or other mortgage holding entity. The policy is returned to the borrower once the loan is over. The policy has great benefits for the borrower because just by paying a small amount of premium he can get wide coverage. The master policy includes various conditions in it so it is also advisable to read all the conditions before getting into it. Sometimes the cost of the premium is built into the interest rate charged on the loan and borrower can pay both the amount together by single cheque.

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