Natural Spa Supplies Clay Amphora 7 Litre Capacity - B009ATH6KE

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    • Natural Spa Supplies Clay Amphora 7 Litre Capacity - B009ATH6KE
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Natural Spa Supplies Clay Amphora 7 Litre Capacity - B009ATH6KE

  • Water conditioned in our amphorae overnight (8 hours) is 100% potable i.e. there is no migration of undesirable elements from the body of the pot into the water

  • Where the average Nitrate level in our tap water is 27.2mg/l. Water purified in our pots showed a level of just 4mg/l Nitrates.

  • On average our tap water is pH 7. Water which had been conditioned in the amphora overnight showed an increase in alkalinity to pH 7.8 making the conditioned water healthier

  • Bacterial colony counts were also reduced. Water from the tap should be free of the bacteria, however colonies do appear over time. On average my tap water forms 1 colony of bacteria at 22 degrees Celsius over 3 days and 3 colonies at 37 degrees Celsius over 2 days. Water conditioned in the amphora overnight showed less than 1 colony at on days 2 and 3. Water conditioned in the clay amphora show none of the following bacteria at all: Coliforms, Eschererichia coli, Enterococci or Sulphite reducing Clostridia

  • The amphora conditioned water is more energetic – the conditioned water saw a rise in conductivity from 698 to 742 uS/cm.

  • Amphora purified water tastes clean, refreshing, pure and cool

  • A stunning handmade traditional terracotta amphora cork bung. Detox, purify and energize your tap water. Tests on our amphora have shown that they do purify, detoxify, condition and energize tap water. Purify water for drinking, cooking, home brewing and fermenting, pets and sensitive plants. Clay amphorae have been used for some 6-7000 years for the transport and storage of liquid and food. These amphora are not only beautifully proportioned and finished, but they transform the quality, aroma and taste of tap water.
    These classically styled amphorae have been made to order by a fourth generation potter in Spain in red terracotta. Spain has a tradition of making amphora since the Roman times. You will need to provide your own bowl, or fully glazed plant saucer or dish to stand it in.

    Natural Spa Supplies Clay Amphora 7 Litre Capacity - B009ATH6KE